Swastik Productions’ upcoming webseries gets its title!

06 Jun, 2020

MUMBAI: Swastik Productions is one of the ace production houses today.

It has produced an array of television shows in the likes of Karamphal Data Shani, Mahabharat, Tantra, Chandragupta Maurya, Suryaputra Karn and many more.

With the evolution of the digital medium, a lot of production companies are churning out distinguished content for various OTT platforms. We already reported that Swastik Productions has plans to churn out a web show on one of the leading platforms soon. Sources told us that since TikTok is a rage among people, the production house might churn out some content around the same. The casting for the project has started. Read here: Swastik Productions plans its next WEB- SERIES!)

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