Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo


The plot entirely revolves around the social troubles faced by children who are sold. Laali, a young child bride is given away to an ignoble landlord by convincing her that she’s going to meet her husband through the traditional Gauna ritual.

Pre-historic human treatment based on caste division, gender inequalities, devastating large-scale poverty, and other grief-stricken methods of managing Indian society is placed at the epitome of insightful portions of this show.

Watching the brutally unlawful and inhumane concern amongst society in rural India, you will sense a spark of dwelling into the specifics and imparting much-needed modern-day community management techniques into their lives. Once again Swastik Pictures creates an outstanding impression of how determination and willpower are key aspects of our centuries-old pillars of Indian culture.


Ratan Rajput

Laali Singh,Ganesiya's ex-wife,Shekhar's second wife

Abhishek Rawat

Shekhar Singh, Loha and Sumitra's youngest son, Siddhi and Laali's husband

Sudesh Berry

Thakur Loha Singh, Ranvijay and Shekhar's father

Mukul Harish

Madhur Singh, Ranvijay and Shekhar's cousin, Rekha's lover

Richa Mukherjee

Rekha, Laali's sister, Madhur's lover

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