Amber Dhara


A beautiful set of conjoined twins, Amber and Dhara, meaning Sky and Earth, escape their hometown due to the emotional, mental, and physical roadblocks they face. Amber having lesser portions of their united body, will die if surgery is attempted.

Their collective grit and ambition motivates them to pursue Amber’s dreams of becoming a singer. From being deceived and demeaned by hooligans at a Mumbai circus, to getting embroiled in the murder case of Akshat’s (a well-wisher and friend) mother, they even face the immense emotional trauma of watching their alienated father fighting the case on the plaintiff’s side.

In the end, viewers are left pondering whether Amber and Dhara’s 2-in-1 voyage played out as a curse or a blessing in disguise.


Kashmira Irani

Amber Dixit

Sulagna Panigrahi

Dhara Dixit

Mona Ambegaonkar

Lata Dev Shukla (Amber and Dhara's Mother)

Sudesh Berry

Dev Shukla, (Husband of Lata Shukla)


Mahendra Pratap Dixit (Lata Shukla's Father)

Shweta Gulati

Soniya Jaiswal (Amber/Dhara's Chilhood Friend)

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