Baal Krishna


A series of adventures through Lord Krishna’s journey in childhood and adulthood, Baal Krishna lifts the lid from stories of Lord Krishna’s life to reveal the depth of his contribution to his hometown, Vrindavan.

There are numerous instances from Gokul, along with Vasudeva and Devaki, where Lord Krishna’s notoriety merges with his giving and soulful personality. Viewers are offered much more than a meager sneak peek into the prankster half of his being. His divine grace leaves traces of utter goodwill even during the “nurturing” period of his life.

Passionate believers of this fabled Hindu deity will connect with his teachings, actions, and philosophy of decision-making!


Suman Gupta


Nimai Bali


Bhavesh Balchandani


Meet Mukhi

Young Krishna

Jaival Pathak

Little Krishna

Sachin Shroff

Lord Krishna (Narrator) / Vishnu

Ali Hassan


Amrapali Gupta


Praneet Bhat

Nand Baba

Ram Awana


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