This plot revolves around a unique relationship shared between two young souls. Being an out of the ordinary storyline, one of the two souls is a young woman, Darpan, and the other is an adorably loving baby elephant, Ganesha.

Darpan’s family decides to adopt the new-born elephant and it is Darpan whose tenderness fuses with the presence of Ganesha to ooze heart-touching emotions throughout the course of Bandhan.

The germinating bond eventually cultivates into an imperishable relationship that clearly showcases the inseparable strength of a supremely unified bonding. Swastik Productions has executed the script in such top-notch fashion that the raw essence of human-animal connect is displayed with utmost simplicity.


Ananya Agrawal

Darpan Karnik/Riya Khare

Mrunal Jain

Raghavendra Patil/Sameer Sen

Sudesh Berry

Vishwasrao Tagdu Patil

Aditya Redij

Mahesh Karnik

Shweta Munshi

Prabha Mahesh Karnik

Gracy Goswami

Pinky Patil

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