Chandragupta Maurya


In 323 BC, post the demise of Alexander The Great and the lionhearted Porus, the story begins budding from Chandragupta’s days as a slave to when the conquering effect of Chanakya’s prudent philosophy guides the former to amass a sense of awareness and responsibility towards his lineage.

Chanakya and Chandragupta then go through the whirlwinds of war against Dhana Nanda to dethrone the ego-centric king and emerge victorious by forming the Mauryan Empire. Be it the death of all 7 brothers of Dhana Nanda or the noblemen such as Malayketu, Mura, and Sthoolbhadra, a hoard of key characters are killed in the war.

The sturdy confidence within Chandragupta, coupled with the wisdom of Chanakya, equipped the future Mauryan King to marry Durdhara, the daughter of the king of the soon-to-fall Nanda Dynasty.


Pooja Sharma

River Jhelum, the Narrator

Faisal Khan

Chandragupta Maurya, former Prince of Piplivan, king of Magadha, first emperor of the Maurya Empire

Kartikey Malviya

Young Chandragupta

Tarun Khanna

Chanakya, a scholar from Takshashila, Chandragupta's adviser, Prime Minister of Magadha

Aditi Sanwal

Durdhara, Chandragupta’s love interest and later wife, Dhananand’s sister, Former Princess of Magadha, Queen of the Maurya Empire, and Bindusara’s mother

Saurabh Raj Jain

Dhana Nanda, king of Magadha, last emperor of Nanda Empire, sworn enemy of Chanakya

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