Hindi Hai Hum


A small-town girl from Nahan, who goes by the name Bubbly, faces the downgrading atrocities of societal response to her lack of knowledge of the English language. Neutralizing this sole negative trait of her diverse knowledgeable attributes was a far-fetched thought amongst the people involved in her daily interactions. This was evident when her love, Rahul, decided against marrying her.

Being an enthusiastic and loving tourist guide that she was, she powered through the impact of not knowing English by entering Pereira English Academy. The philosophy of unity drives the flow of each character’s decision-making prowess in this youth-oriented show.

You will be rewarded with an exceptional visual portrayal of how the aura of unity breaks down all existing barriers in India linked to religious beliefs, community practices, ideologies, and even languages.


Ridhi Dogra


Deeya Chopra


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