Karmphal Data Shani


An epic story of Emperor Porus, a valiant warrior who by his dexterity defends his motherland against Alexander The Great, the foremost and powerful ruler of the west.

The story traces the time when both the great personalities were born on the same day but in different worlds, Porus in India and Alexander in Macedonia.
One went on to became the greatest conqueror of the world and the other the greatest Defender of India.

The show has brought alive characters from History of ancient India and Greece. It showcases the valour, culture and emotions of the 2 worlds which are key to the narrative.


Kartikey Malviya

Young Shani

Juhi Parmar


Salil Ankola


Tina Dutta

Dhamini, Shani's second wife ; suryalok's queen; chaaya and surya's daughter in -law

Gufi Paintal

Dev Vishwakarma ; sandhaya's father

Kunal Bakshi

Devraj Indradev ; King of Swarglok ; Jealous of Shani

Tarun Khanna

Lord Shiva

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