Maan Rahe Tera Pitaah


Set in the coal mines of Brahmapur, Anmol battles against the common man to regain the revered outlook towards her apparent “mentally-challenged” father, Durgaprasad. She embarks on a mission to restore the pride and integrity of Durgaprasad but comes across numerous hurdles in the form of resistant village folk and her devious uncle, Kaliprasad, who was also a local MLA.

This daughter-father relationship inflicts several hits due to the difficulty Anmol experiences in explaining to the villagers that working on the coal mine is soon going to completely destroy and bring utter disaster to Brahmapur.

After all, the ones we label as “mentally unstable” could very well turn out to be the one source that makes all the difference. But is it for the greater good?


Archana Taide


Gautam Rode


Pramod Moutho

Anmol's Dad

Varun Badola

Kaliprasad (Anmol's uncle who is a MLA)

Kshitee Jog

Kaliprasad's wife

Krip Suri

Madhav (Kaliprasad's older son)

Reshmi Ghosh

Madhav's Wife

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