Mata Ki Chowki


Vaishnavi is an orphaned girl who shows an impeccably sincere devotion towards the goddess Vaishno Devi. Few years after being adopted outside a temple by a Pandit family, her mother Shraddha faces death as a reward for finally giving birth to Sonakshi. For some reason, this brings great hatred for Vaishnavi by her father, Pandit Vidyasagar.

The girl falls deep into the service of Mata Vaishno Devi, while also preaching and healing people who are tormented by any form of anguish. Complexities on her faulty bad impression do not cease to exist, but Vaishnavi maintains her faithfulness.

Sheel, the cold-blooded demon kills Vaishnavi and then her daughter arises to save the innocent from the grasp of the evil. Mata Gauri plays the title role of a peacekeeper, liberator, and mediator for the devotional conscience of Vaishnavi.


Shanti Priya

Mata Vaishnodevi

Richa Mukharjee

Child Vaishnavi

Mona Ambegaokar

Shraddha Sagar (Vaishnavi's foster Mother & Sonakshi's biological mother)

Sai Ballal

Pandit Vidhyasagar

Muskaan Nancy James

Vaishnavi Sagar / Vaishnavi Vansh Kumar (Season-1) / Sakshi Rudra(Bali) hari narayan (Bali's 3rd Wife) (Season-2)

Sudesh Berry

Sheel Kumar

Sheela Sharma

Ambika Sheel Kumar (Badi Maa)

Tarun Khanna

Yash Kumar

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