Based on the present-day attitude towards caste-based love affairs, two college students, Navya and Anant, go through the complete cycle of denial, making ends meet, and acceptance, to finally live happily ever after.

Navya’s youthful personality is evident in her persistent confusion and immaturity in making life choices. Despite the nurturing of their delicate romance and families at either end of the class-spectrum, their undying love and passion keeps them going. Most of the repelling thoughts were fueled by the Bajpais family. Yet, Navya and Anant play the patience and hustling game to unfold Shankar Bajpai and Saraswati Bajpai’s hidden truth.

In the end, Anant’s grandfather, Shankar Dayal, bows down as he clearly sees the power of their love. This also convinces Anant’s father to welcome the young couple back into their family home.

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