Living in an Indian region infused by bandits, Phulwa is in no position to state her say. This situation drags her in the middle of a day-to-day village quarrel where the majority of her family gets killed, along with her soft-hearted personality.

When the tenderness explodes within this 11-year-old village girl, Phulwa, she is determined to convert into a fearless child who embarks on a goal to take vengeance for the few dear ones she had. Transforming into a bandit of immensely strong-character, she’s ready to visit the abyss of destruction in the name of justice.

Phulwa faces stern tests of bestowing her trust in the right people and making crucial momentary decisions in order to reacquire the crest of justice on her family’s name.


Sargun Mehta

Phulwa Abhay Singh

Jannat Zubair Rahmani

Young Phulwa Abhay Singh

Ajay Chaudhary

ACP Abhay Singh

Mohit Malik

Dr. Arjun Singh

Prashant Narayanan


Angad Hasija


Sai Ballal

Thakur Daroga Singh / Bade Thakur

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