Being the classic illustration of a combination of the feminine and muscular capabilities of Hindu Gods, this story puts the raw relationship of pure love between Radha and Lord Krishna in the limelight. Every nitty-gritty element in humanity’s perception of love is explained and enacted, to lift the curtains of its true essence.

Despite having to bear the materialistic distancing due to a 100-year curse on Radha, they sustain their love across different worlds in a metaphysical manner. The plot is untangled when the concept of sacrifice arises, yet the constant clashing of the bonds that Radha and Krishna share since time immemorial are slowly molding into material reality.

The eternal love story of Radha Krishn is complemented with the establishment of Vrindavan, amongst an array of ancient lands, along with the transformation of Lord Krishna into various glorious forms as a symbol of ego-suppression.


Sumedh Mudgalkar

Lord Krishna

Mallika Singh


Zalak Desai


Basant Bhatt


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