Ram Siya ke Luv-Kush


Apart from the mesmerizing incidents in the entangling saga of Lord Ram and Sita, this show focuses more on narrating the journey of these renowned Gods by the eyes of their own children, Luv and Kush.

Arriving home after 14 years of unrighteous exile, Lord Ram returns triumphant from Lanka and even though Lord Ram’s accession as the King of Ayodhya is complete, he fails to protect Sita from the rumors regarding her chastity. Sita leaves Ayodhya, gives birth to twins, and then these twins endlessly venture onto a lookout for their father.

Luv and Kush play a critical role in reuniting Lord Ram and Sita, while re-transforming the mentality of their societal community from male-dominance to equality.


Shivya Pathania


Himanshu Soni

Rama/ Lord Vishnu

Krish Chauhan


Harshit Kabra


Kanan Malhotra


Shalin Bhanot


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