Saas v/s Bahu


The entertainment of a dance competition between mothers-in-law (Saas) and their daughters-in-law (Bahu) will leave you excited, thrilled, and engaged to see which of the pairs synergize their dancing skills to impress and stun the judges, Aruna Irani and Longinus Fernandes.

Expect the contestants to give out an amalgamation of solo performances, paired performances, and a blend of varied Saas & Bahu pairs to be judged and rated out of a total of 30 points. Each judge rates them out of 10 points, whereas the audience gets the authority to rate the contestants of an additional 10 points.

Indulge in relevant and mainstream Indian family-friendly banter in the midst of these enjoyable stage performances and get ready for another memorable night in front of the screen with your loved ones.

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