Shobha Somnath Ki


The lesser-known heroine, Shobha, stands tall and fiercely strong to combat Mahmud Ghaznavi, an Afghan leader, in his quest to rob and demolish the reputed Somnath temple in Western India. Failing to kick off a noteworthy bond with her parents, she resides to looking for family love in her relatives, King Dadda Chalukya and his Queen.

You will find her desirable expertise at battle strategy mind-boggling, considering the fact she has an absolutely empty tank of knowledge on warfare topics. All credits to her resilience and the ever-lasting support of her cousin, Chaula.

She, along with 2 pillagers, put a stringent halt on Mahmud Ghaznavi’s comfortable invasion on parts of Western India that were loaded with riches.


Vikramjeet Virk

Mahmud of Ghazni

Srishty Rode

Princess Shobha

Ashnoor Kaur

Young Princess Shobha

Tarun Khanna

Dadda Chalukya

Amrita Raichand

Gayatri Devi Jignesh Mehta as Prince Bheemdev

Priyanka Chhabra

Princess Chaula

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